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Endearing messages to students from generous Kindle donors

Kindle Boxfavicon Donors to the Kindle Classroom Project aren’t just generous. They’re also incredibly kind. They know that reading transforms, and they write the most endearing notes to students.

This morning, I received not one but two new Kindles from generous donors. I must share with you the messages that came with the Kindles. They’re wonderful.

First, here’s a message from Sarah (Logan, UT):

I hope that the student who receives this Kindle will find joy in reading. I hope that the student will know that even though I don’t know him or her, I am sending positive thoughts (and karma) through the Kindle.

Kindle Karma!

And here’s the message from Patricia (Santa Rosa, CA):

Dear Reader, I wish these were around 55 years ago when I was your age!

So great! (Patricia also donated a book last week.)

Thank you, Patricia and Sarah, for your contributions. Also, thanks go to Will (New York, NY), who also read and responded to my recent post that announced a Mother’s Day sale on Kindles. One simple post yielded three new Kindles for students. Not bad!

These messages from donors not only inspire my students, but they also motivate me. I understand that the donations to the KCP aren’t just monetary. They’re very personal. And it’s up to me to transfer a donated Kindle thoughtfully and meaningfully to the lucky student.

That’s why I never give out Kindles in a large group. I always meet one on one with students. It’s more personal that way. I make sure to get to know the student and ask questions about the student’s relationship with reading. Then comes the best part. I show the student the Kindle, which includes a sticker identifying the first name of the donor. “This person gave me this Kindle to loan to you. You get to read what you want. And I hope that you read a lot.”

Patricia and Sarah, thank you again! favicon

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