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Another $1,000 donation: DSW has done it again!

favicon A huge roar emerged from the offices of the Kindle Classroom Project last night when I received an email from DonorsChoose letting me know that DSW from Saratoga had made a $500 donation.

That $500 donation — the largest amount that DonorsChoose is matching this week as part of its Teacher Appreciation promotion — instantly doubled to a whopping $1,000.

This $1,000 donation marks the second major gift from DSW. Read about the first $1,000 donation last December.

Isn’t this amazing? Isn’t this slightly crazy?

I am astounded. I am intensely appreciative.

Thank you, DSW! Your contribution continues to encourage me to think bigger about what’s possible. I am no longer thinking small.

For example: Why stop at three classrooms (my current goal for next year)? Why not try to distribute Kindles to every ninth grader at a school?

Also: Why not proceed seriously to achieve classroom library mirroring, where every title on the Kindles has a physical counterpart on the shelves?

And one last thing: Why not think of making the Kindle Classroom Project into a full-fledged nonprofit organization?

All of these are reachable dreams because of this latest large donation. Thank you again, DSW! favicon


  1. Michele

    Who IS DSW? Do you know? Have you investigated at all? Do you think it might not be a person but actually the person who owns Designer Shoe Warehouse? I like a good mystery! Do you have any mysteries in the library? Don’t you think you should get some?

    • Mark Isero

      There has been an intense investigation, Michele, and DSW remains officially anonymous. Nevertheless, I have good reason to believe that DSW has no direct ties to Designer Shoe Warehouse. Shoes, like books, are important.

      As far as mysteries: There are a few in the library (I should publish all the library titles!) but not enough. Part of the problem is that I don’t know which mysteries students would like, and students don’t usually identify mysteries they want to read. Michele, as a mystery lover yourself, do you have some you would recommend, particularly to ninth graders?

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