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Kindles are just $49 for a limited time! Give a ninth grader the gift of reading.

Kevin Kindlefavicon Sarah (Logan, UT) just informed me that Amazon.com has a Mother’s Day sale on Kindles for a limited time. The basic Kindle is now just $49. The Kindle Paperwhite is $99.

That’s amazing.

This sale is perfect for those of you who really want to make a donation to the Kindle Classroom Project but don’t have a Kindle lying around. Maybe $69 is too pricey, because yes, that’s a lot of money. But $49 seems much less, and it’s certainly under $50, which feels right.

Is this you?

Or maybe you’re a person who really wants to buy your mom a Kindle for Mother’s Day, and it sure wouldn’t hurt, you’re thinking, to buy an additional one for ninth graders in the Bay Area.

Either way, I’ve made it simple to purchase a Kindle for my students. You can choose your own adventure and try it on your own, or you can follow these steps.

First, click here to go to my students’ Amazon wishlist. Then you’ll get this screen:


Click “Add to Cart.” Then click “Proceed to Checkout.” At this point you might have to log in, and once you do, you’ll be directed to the shipping address page.

Good news: There is a “Gift Registry Address” already ready to be clicked. Click “Ship to this address.”

The next screen is a bit weird. It’s called, “Select gift options.” It looks like this:


Make sure to select that you’d like the Kindle to be registered to “another account,” not yours. And if you’d like, please include a free personalized gift message. My lucky student will be happy.

After that screen, you move into payment options, credit cards, and all the normal stuff when buying something online.

All right: Let’s see if this happens! If I write something up on Iserotope, and it goes out into the cyberspace, will loyal Iserotope readers take on this charge and either (a) make a Kindle donation, or (b) spread the word so that others will make a Kindle donation?

If you are in the (a) camp, please be extra bold and leave a BRILLIANT COMMENT confirming that you have accepted my challenge. It’s time that you’re proud of your contribution (unless you want to remain anonymous, of course, which is always an option)!

If you’re in the (b) camp, consider sharing this post. The easiest way is to select one of the social sharing buttons below. Thank you!

Update, May 1, 9:06 p.m. — We have liftoff! The wishlist says 1 Kindle has been purchased. Confirmation: That, indeed, is true. Thank you, Wil (New York, NY), for donating a Kindle! (It’s the second Kindle Wil has donated. Plus, he’s a sustaining contributor to the KCP.) Also, 6 people have shared the post so far. Thank you for getting the word out.

Update, May 3, 9:05 p.m. — It looks like two more Kindles have been purchased. But I don’t know (yet) who the donor is! Whoever you are, thank you!

Update, May 5, 8:43 a.m. — Oh no, the sale is over (for now). But the good news is, I received Wil’s Kindle and am awaiting the other two. Thank you again! favicon

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