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A little fun before the AP test

favicon The AP test is this Thursday, and my students are tired. They’ve worked hard the whole year and want to get this test done.

That’s why I decided to give my students a less-intense project for the end of Frankenstein. Instead of another essay or analytical piece, I assigned a video. Students had one week — almost entirely on their own time — to complete the project.

The requirements were few: The video had to be done as a group, explore a theme in the novel, and make a connection to today.

Here’s an example. It’s a music video called “Tech Danger.” Take a look:

Not bad, right?

These assignments always leave me wondering whether project-based learning can ever really be deemed “rigorous.”

On the other hand, I’m always impressed by my students’ ability to be creative, to work collaboratively with others, and to use technology.

Plus, projects like these are huge in building classroom culture, which is necessary the week before the big test.

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