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Where have all the Kindles come from?

favicon In my last post, I announced that the Kindle Classroom Project is now 226 Kindles strong. Pretty impressive!

Where have all these Kindles come from?

From everywhere, that’s where! Well, actually, the Kindles have arrived from 29 states and four international locations. Take a look at this U.S. map!

Screenshot 2014-12-26 12.17.44In no particular order, here are the states where generous Kindle donors live: California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, Iowa, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Utah, Florida, Connecticut, Washington, North Carolina, Kentucky, New Jersey, Missouri, Arkansas, and Colorado.

The most popular states? California, naturally (51 donors), but also New York (18 donors), Pennsylvania (7 donors), Texas (6 donors), Virginia (6 donors), Massachusetts (6 donors), Arizona (5 donors), and New Jersey (5 donors).

Please let me know if I missed you and your state! (This post does not include the many people who have contributed physical books, e-books, and cash donations. That will be for an upcoming post.)

I’m also looking for first donors from a number of states, so please get the word out. Let’s go, Montana! How about you, Ohio? (Though I must say, I would do well as a presidential candidate with this electoral map.) favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!