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Students do not lose Kindles

favicon The other day I tweeted:

Here’s the data: In the 3+ years of the Kindle Classroom Project, students have lost zero Kindles.

Let’s break it down further. There are 260 Kindles, each having access to 423 books. That’s a Kindle Library that virtually contains 109,980 books.

In the 3+ years of the KCP, students have lost zero books.

Kindle Library

It’s mind-boggling, actually, especially if you ask a teacher who has spent years building an independent reading program. So much effort goes into building a classroom library, monitoring book check-in and check-out, exhorting students to return books, feeling sad when books get lost, and spending money replacing books rather than purchasing new ones that students have requested.

Of course, I may be jinxing myself when I write this, but here goes:

1. When a generous person donates his or her Kindle, the Kindle won’t get lost.
2. When a generous person donates money for books, the books won’t get lost.



It’s as simple as that, and that simplicity makes me very happy. favicon

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