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Students do not lose Kindles

favicon The other day I tweeted:

Here’s the data: In the 3+ years of the Kindle Classroom Project, students have lost zero Kindles.

Let’s break it down further. There are 260 Kindles, each having access to 423 books. That’s a Kindle Library that virtually contains 109,980 books.

In the 3+ years of the KCP, students have lost zero books.

Kindle Library

It’s mind-boggling, actually, especially if you ask a teacher who has spent years building an independent reading program. So much effort goes into building a classroom library, monitoring book check-in and check-out, exhorting students to return books, feeling sad when books get lost, and spending money replacing books rather than purchasing new ones that students have requested.

Of course, I may be jinxing myself when I write this, but here goes:

1. When a generous person donates his or her Kindle, the Kindle won’t get lost.
2. When a generous person donates money for books, the books won’t get lost.



It’s as simple as that, and that simplicity makes me very happy. favicon

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How students request books they want

Kindle Libraryfavicon The 237 students in the Kindle Classroom Project have access to 380 books in the Kindle Library. They’re great books, donated by great donors.

But what happens when a student wants to read a book that’s not currently in the Kindle Library? Is the student doomed?

Never fear! The KCP Book Request Form is here! (Here it is.)

Because the KCP has generous donors, I am able to honor students’ requests. Students first read a sample of the book by requesting one at the Amazon store. If they’re hooked, students fill out this form, I get an email, and I purchase the title and deliver it automagically to their Kindle in just a few minutes.

Yes, it’s automagic.

Even better, the title appears simultaneously in the archives of the other students’ Kindles, too, just in case they want to read the book. Per Amazon’s terms and conditions, six students can read the book at the same time. (If more than six students want to read the same book at the same time, I purchase another copy of the book. No problem!)

And unlike a physical book, there’s no way this student-requested e-book can get lost or worn. It’s always safe in the Kindle Library cloud.

Honoring students’ requests is not just best practice to get students to love reading, but it’s also best practice to build the Kindle Library. My goal for 2015 is to build the library to 500 titles, and I’m happy that two donors have already gotten excited about the project.

I mean, it is exciting, right?

If you’re excited, and if you’re interested in donating, please do. A $10 donation means that one more book is accessible to 237 students. You can make a quick and safe donation here, or you can donate via PayPal.

Should I break out the enormous donate button again, just to get you in the mood? Sure, I will do that. I think you’ll like it.

Donate Now

My dream is that generous people will consider becoming monthly donors. That way, I can be even more certain that I can fulfill students’ requests as they come in.

Thank you! And please let me know your thoughts and ideas! favicon