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Sneak peek of Kindle #87 (thanks, Mary!)

favicon Just thought I’d show you a few pics of the latest Kindle, Kindle #87. It’s from Mary (Parkersburg, IA), a sustaining donor, and it looks good. Here it is right next to its cover.


See how classy the $69 Kindle is? Amazon has done a great job keeping everything nice and simple. My students love how small and light this Kindle is. It gets out of the way while you read. There’s no need for a bulky device. If I were using Kindles for novel study, where students needed to annotate, I would opt for a different version (like the Paperwhite), but the whole point of the Kindle Classroom Project is to read, read, read, so the $69 Kindle is perfect.

Now comes a picture of the Kindle once it’s inside its handsome case.


I like this cover — it’s from mCover. Unfortunately, the covers are currently sold out, but I’m hopeful that the company gets more in stock so that generous donors and I can purchase some from my students’ Amazon Wishlist! 🙂 I used to purchase various covers, but the mCover (in blue) is simple and sturdy, and the students approve. Also, it’s better when all the Kindles look the same, so there isn’t student grabbiness or latent jealousy.

And here’s just one more photo, of the Kindle nicely tucked away in its case, ready to get into the hands of a student next Monday.


Simple, sleek, durable. Kindle #87 is going to be safe, and a student is going to be happy. Thanks, Mary, for your generous donation of another Kindle. It will be cared for and read with joy and gratitude! favicon

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