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Promote reading: Give a student access to a Kindle and 500 books for $40 a year!

Kevin Kindlefavicon Today I was doing some number crunching, and I calculated that the Kindle Classroom Project costs about $40 per student per year.

The money, donated by generous contributors, goes to maintaining the 156 Kindles and to building the 501-title Kindle Library via student requests.

But if you ask a student, they’d tell you a slightly different version of where the money goes.

This is what they’d say:

+ The money lets them read whatever book they want whenever they want wherever they want. Students get to take their Kindle home with them.

+ The money lets them reclaim their love of reading. Students read an average of 18 books last school year on their Kindle.

+ The money lets them learn about themselves and the world without depending on others. Students have access to 500 high-quality books.

+ The money tells students that adults care about them and their reading lives. Students want adults to believe in them.

I am asking you to join the Kindle Classroom Project by making a $40 donation to help a student reclaim their love of reading in 2014-15.

Would you like to?

If so, the easiest way is via PayPal, though there are many ways to contribute. Please click on the button below and make a generous donation.


Thank you for reading this post, and thank you for your contribution. Please feel free to leave a comment or a question.

Update: There have already been 4 donations to support students and their reading lives. Thank you: Nick and Dina (Saratoga, CA), Michele (San Francisco, CA), Kate (San Francisco, CA), Sarah (San Carlos, CA), Daniel (San Francisco, CA), and Laura (San Francisco, CA). I’ll try to keep this updated! favicon

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