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Kindle library lending is great for teachers

 I just checked out my first Kindle book from the San Francisco Public Library.

This makes me very happy.

This combines two of my favorite things to do: reading on my Kindle and getting good stuff for free.

It gets even better: At the end of my 21-day loan period, the book gets automatically returned to the library. No chance for pesky overdue fees!

And here’s the best thing: I can share that book over WiFi with all six Kindles in my classroom. (Thanks, Wil, for the recent donation!)

It’s all pretty neat. The only question is what to do once I get more than six Kindles. (My goal is 24.) Does that mean that I have to check out multiple copies (ostensibly from different libraries)? Or does the six-Kindle-limit rule not apply to library copies? 

Please share your brilliant insights!