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More Kindles on the way? Rumors abound.

13 Kindles, all ready to go.

favicon A few posts ago, I announced the arrival of Kindle #14. This was great news, especially because I plan on unveiling the fleet of Kindles next Monday to ninth graders in Oakland.

Since that announcement, the pace has quickened. Here are some highlights:

1. There was a casualty. I had to retire an original Kindle after a productive summer’s work. Its screen was broken, and I’m not thinking that Amazon will replace it.

2. The Kindles are ready for deployment. This meant checking to see that the 13 remaining Kindles held the same 126 titles, all organized well into collections. I also weeded a few books that weren’t as engaging as the others.

3. There are rumors of more Kindles to come. This is where things get particularly exciting.

  • An anonymous source hinted that another Kindle would arrive in the mail tomorrow.
  • A loyal Iserotope reader and friend put out a request on Facebook that may yield two additional Kindles.
  • The donor of the most-recent Kindle emailed to say she has another one coming soon.

If all of those rumors come true, that would mean Kindles #14, #15, #16, and #17 — just eight Kindles away from my ultimate goal of a class set of 25.

I’m very appreciative of everyone’s support on this project, and I’m hopeful that the momentum continues. If you’re interested in helping out to find more Kindles, leave a comment or email me at mark at iserotope dot com. Or you can contribute money (on the sidebar) to buy new ebooks to bolster the collection.

For more info, check out all my posts on The Kindle Classroom Project. Thank you again! favicon

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