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Say hello to Kindle #14!

Hi! I’m Kindle #14.

favicon It’s another great day at The Kindle Classroom Project. An Iserotope reader from Texas has contributed Kindle #14! There it is over to the right.

I am always surprised and amazed when I get an email from someone I haven’t met who wants to make a substantial contribution to the reading lives of young people.

It gives me a lot of hope.

Kindle #14 is an original Kindle and comes complete with a reading light and a handsome case.

I’m looking forward to unveiling the classroom set of Kindles next week as we launch this year’s version of The Kindle Classroom Project to ninth graders.

I’m very appreciative.

As always, if you know of someone who would like to donate their old Kindle to urban students ready to love reading, please let me know at mark at iserotope dot com.

Thank you again! favicon


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