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How to print multiple Google Docs at once

Google Docsfavicon Here’s a Google Docs tip that has eluded me. It’s pretty neat.

Most of the time, there’s no need to print out Google Docs. In fact, one of the best features of Google Docs is that it decreases printing and paper waste.

But sometimes, I have to print out my students’ documents. Here’s an excellent tip if you need to print multiple Google Docs at the same time.

All you have to do is click on the documents you want to print and then download them from Google Docs as a zip file. Then, once you’ve extracted them on your desktop, you can print the documents without opening Adobe Reader.

Here’s the YouTube video (@epsbtips) that explains the tip.

I hope you find this tip helpful. Now I just wish that it were easier for students to use Google Cloud Print to print their documents from their home to a school printer. favicon


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  2. SlideHunter.com

    Hi Mark,

    I needed to print multiple documents and reached your article, but finally used a an extension for Chrome called PDF Mergy available in Chrome Web Store. I hope it helps to someone else.

    In my case, I preferred to skip the .zip step, but this is also a good tip for those who need to print multiple presentations (Google Slides). I needed to do it for some of the presentations I created with http://freegoogleslidestemplates.com/ and the approach worked.

    Julian @ http://slidehunter.com

  3. Diane LaGrone

    Help! I’ve used your technique before…3 weeks ago…and today I can’t get the zip to unzip. It shows that they are in some format that my Mac doesn’t understand. Any ideas?

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