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It’s pretty simple: My quick vision for the Kindle Classroom Project

Kindle Libraryfavicon People have been asking me how I’d like the Kindle Classroom Project to grow. It’s pretty simple, I think. Here it is:

1. You’re a new ninth grader. You get a Kindle.

2. Your school has a beautiful physical library of excellent books, ones you want to read. The books have outward-facing covers. You browse the shelves, and when you want to read a book, you search for it on your Kindle, and it’s there.

3. If you want to read a book that’s not in the library, you request the title, and it’s bought for you. The book appears on your Kindle, and a physical copy of the book arrives soon in the physical library.

4. Your teachers care about reading. They give you some time to read in school, and they encourage you to read outside of school, too. They read themselves. They recommend books to you, and they care about your reading life.

5. You come to enjoy reading and make it a part of your life. Some years, you read 10 or 20 books. Other years, you read 40 or 50. You keep track of the books you’ve read and recommend your favorites to your friends.

6. When you graduate, you get to keep your Kindle. By then, you’ve signed up for your own Amazon account, and you know how to get e-books from your public library. You’ve become an independent reader. favicon


Please share your brilliant insights!