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Dezmond enjoys his New York Times!

favicon A few months ago, I challenged loyal Iserotope readers to donate subscriptions to The New York Times to two lucky graduating seniors.

Within 24 hours, my wish was granted.

The subscriptions began on Oct. 1, and I am pleased to report that Dezmond, now a college student in Seattle,  is the first student to share his gratitude.

He is loving the newspaper. Here he is below on the left. And take a look at his papers on the right!


(I must say how much I like these photographs. Dezmond knows what he’s doing. I particularly appreciate how he’s reading the print version of the paper while his laptop sits nearby, beckoning.)

Today we texted a little back and forth, and I learned that Dezmond has read each of the nine newspapers he has received so far. (That’s better than my average!) He also reports that the Times helps him “get [his] reading in” and improves his vocabulary. (I’ve always liked the paper’s verbs.)

This is a great story, don’t you think? I’m happy, Dezmond’s happy, everybody’s happy.

It gets me thinking: What if schools gave all of its graduates a subscription to The New York Times? favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!