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Give a student a reading allowance!

KCP-at-CATfavicon Did you get an allowance growing up?

I didn’t. Maybe I wasn’t consistent on chores. Or maybe my parents gave me everything I needed. (Probably both were true.)

Some of my friends got allowances, though, which they spent on luxuries, like baseball cards, chocolate malts from the school cafeteria, and books.

Last week, I challenged KCP supporters to become sustaining donors. With the program expanding quickly (now 800 students and 19 teachers!), and with Kindles streaming in (170 so far in 2016!), students are requesting books left and right (777 and counting), and I’d like to keep the program’s promise that they can read whatever they like, whenever they like.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give a student a reading allowance?

The other day, I learned about Amazon Allowance through loyal KCP supporter Brian (Leesburg, VA). The program lets you send an automatic, recurring digital gift card to another Amazon account. It hit me: This could be perfect for KCP donors who want to make regular contributions.



The process is easy. You go to the Amazon Allowance page, then click through to your Amazon account. Then you fill out a quick form, where you get to title the allowance (include your name here!), choose who gets the allowance (kindleclassroomproject AT gmail DOT com), how much to donate (minimum is $5) and how often (every month, every other week, every week, daily, or one-time). Finally, you choose your credit card, and you’re done. (Don’t worry: You can stop your allowance at any time.)

I made a screencast to help you. I think you’ll enjoy it. It lasts 2:19.

The biggest reason I like Amazon Allowance is that 100% of your donation goes to the KCP, whereas PayPal takes a 3% fee.

The other reason is that if you choose to donate, you are saying, “Yes, Mark. I am totally in, and I want to promote reading, and I believe in what the KCP is doing, and I want the program to be sustainable for many years to come.”

(By the way, you’re also saying: “And please don’t bother me as often with requests for one-time donations, because I’m already donating.”)

Please consider giving an Amazon allowance to a lucky student. I’m happy to report that there are already 10 sustaining donors for a total of $160 a month: Peter (San Francisco, CA), Brian (Leesburg, VA), DSW (Saratoga, CA), Barbara (Oakland, CA), Stuart (New York, NY), Lori (Oceanside, CA), Iris (San Diego, CA), Toni (Cary, NC), Nicole (Quincy, MA), and Pat (Santa Rosa, CA). Wouldn’t you like to join this illustrious group?

I’ll update this post as new generous people sign up. Please let me know if you have questions! One more thing: If you’d like to get the word out, you can share this post with the URL j.mp/kcpallowancepost and the video with the URL j.mp/kcpallowancehowto. Thank you! favicon

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