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Those nasty notifications on Google Docs

Google Docs I still don’t know why the new Google Docs doesn’t allow us an easier way to turn off notifications.

Here’s the problem: If I write you a comment on your Doc and then you write me back, I get an email. Same thing happens if you “resolve” the comment (which means make it go away).

That’s a lot of emails. If I’m collaborating on a shared document, I don’t need a reminder every time someone else makes a change.

Sure, I can change my notification settings, but they’re not global. That means that I need to repeat the same step for every document I get.

This becomes a huge problem when you’re a teacher. One hundred students means 100 essays means 100 times to change my notification settings.

Worse yet, notification settings (as far as I can tell) are per document per user. That means I can tell my students to turn off their notification settings, but that does nothing for me. I have to do the same thing with the same document.

I’d much rather have the default as “all notifications off except @ mentions.” This would mean that a student could send me an email by tagging me in a comment.

Otherwise, it’s going to be a long year remembering to turn off notifications or deleting the thousands of emails that indicate that students are reading my comments and making them disappear. 


  1. Mark Isero

    Update: Another problem is that I don’t think the @ mentions are working for me, either. So I get emails when I don’t want them, but I don’t get them when I do.

  2. Austin Pray

    Dealing with this right now…I have to instruct EACH person collaborating with me on the document as to how to stop notifications from flooding their inbox.

    • Mark Isero

      It’s horrible, don’t you think? My answer was to create a filter so I don’t see them in my Gmail. Of course, this is not something my students will do, so they end up with tons of clutter in their inbox.

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