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Typing Speed Monitor: A great way to track your typing speed

favicon I like typing. Some people, especially my former students, remark that I type quickly. In seventh grade, I was the second-fastest typist in my middle school, at approximately 72 wpm on a manual typewriter. (Millie was No. 1 and pretty much unbeatable.) (Mrs. Schaeffer taught us well.)

Today I came across Typing Speed Monitor, a Google Chrome extension that keeps track of your typing speed and trends. There’s no way for me to tell whether it offers accurate feedback, but so far, I like what it’s telling me. (See below.) Typing (The only problem with this extension is that it might make me freak out and always want to type fast. Like, right now, I’m trying to type fast.)

I’m thinking that students might like this extension. If students have Chromebooks, and if they have their own log in, then they can install this extension and see how their typing speed is improving (or not). Now I just have to keep my speed above 100 wpm. favicon


  1. micheleg

    1. I’m going to test myself and see if I come anywhere near your speed. I hope I do. I would like to beat you*.
    2. I would like to teach a typing class. I think we should bring touch typing back.
    3. Hi.

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