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Double your donation this week on DonorsChoose

favicon Want to make your donation to the Kindle Classroom Project go farther?

Here’s your chance: This week, to celebrate teachers, DonorsChoose is matching all donations until this Friday, May 10.

Yes: This means that $10 will buy two books instead of one! Not a bad deal.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the Kindle Classroom Project (to buy books!), you can go to my DonorsChoose page.

Very important: When you click through to the Payment page, the site will prompt you for a “Match or gift code.” Be sure to type in TREAT in the box.

I hope you’ll consider making a small contribution. This is also a great opportunity to get the word out and to encourage your friends and family. Promote reading! Thank you.

Update: Wow, things are going well. Already, six people have donated (for a total of $1,200). Thank you to Laura (San Francisco, CA), Stuart (San Francisco, CA), LeAnne (Fremont, CA), Michele (San Francisco, CA), DSW (Saratoga, CA), and Iris (San Diego, CA). Keep the contributions coming! favicon

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