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DSW (Saratoga, CA) donates $2,000 to the Kindle Classroom Project. There is joy!

joyfavicon I woke up this morning to find an extremely large Amazon gift card in my email inbox, thanks to DSW (Saratoga, CA). Thank you, DSW!

DSW — not the shoe store! — is the Kindle Classroom Project‘s most generous and dedicated supporter. They have been following the program since the beginning and have been instrumental in its growth.

Really, let’s be real here: If it weren’t for DSW, the KCP would not be as strong and as successful as it is today. I am extremely appreciative.

DSW’s donation will guarantee that students will be able to request new books they want to read. It’s one of my promises to the students: If you want to read a book, I’ll buy it. Students fill out an online form, I receive it, I buy the book, and then I deliver the book directly to the student’s Kindle. Students have told me it feels like magic. What’s even better is that the book automatically becomes available to all 200 students participating in the KCP.

As we move into 2015, Kindles are streaming in (sometimes more than one a day), and I’m working to build relationships with new teachers in order to expand the program. That’s why DSW’s donation is so crucial. After all, I have tons of Kindles (thanks, donors!), and I have tons of interested teachers. Now I am certain that I’ll continue to have the books.

Thank you again, DSW! favicon

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100-Kindle goal smashed, obliterated!

favicon At the beginning of December, just two weeks ago, I announced a bold goal: Let’s reach 100 Kindles by the New Year!

It was a bold goal because at the time, the Kindle Classroom Project had 87 Kindles. There had never been a month in its history where 13 or more Kindles had been donated.

Today, I am very happy to report that the 100-Kindle goal has not just been reached. It has been smashed, obliterated, squashed, crushed, shattered — and many other words!

We now have 111 Kindles!

Most of the credit goes to DSW (Saratoga, CA) for their $2,000 donation, which allowed for the purchase of 20 new Kindles. Want to see? Here’s the biggest Kindle stack in KCP history!

20-Kindle Stack

Yes, the stack keeps going and going. Thank you, DSW, for your continued support of young people and their reading lives. Your generosity will now make it possible for every single ninth grader at a school to receive a Kindle!

Though DSW’s gift has made the bulk of Kindles possible, many other donors have made Kindle contributions this month. Here is a quick list: Matthew (Chicago, IL), Julia (Ann Arbor, MI), Mikey (San Francisco, CA), Amber (Wilkes-Barre, PA), and Deborah (San Francisco, CA). It’s amazing that people find the Project through its Facebook page or its Donate Your Kindle page on Iserotope.

Plus, there are more Kindles to come. In fact, it’s possible that the KCP will reach 120 Kindles by the start of 2014! It’s all amazing.

In addition to Kindles, I’ve received e-books (thank you, Charles), physical books (thank you, Iris), cases (thank you, Mikey), money (thank you, Wil), and batteries (thank you, Saugut and Mary). It takes generosity of many kinds for the KCP to flourish.

Finally, it’s becoming clear that it takes a combination of sustaining donors and new donors to help the KCP to grow. One of my favorite things is hearing that a new donor heard about the project through word of mouth. Though the Kindle Classroom Project is still somewhat small, it’s possible that 2014 will bring some new big things! favicon

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Kindle Classroom Project receives $2,000 donation!

joyfavicon I am very happy and honored (and joyful! see picture) to report that the Kindle Classroom Project has received a $2,000 donation, its largest gift ever.

The gift is from DSW of Saratoga, Calif.

DSW, who wishes to remain anonymous, has generously given several large donations in the past, including a $1,000 gift last year and another $1,000 gift earlier this year. Previous contributions have gone to funding Kindle cases, Kindle batteries, and Kindle e-books.

This gift will enable the purchase of 20 new $69 Kindles, along with 20 new cases.

All right, in case you missed it, let’s re-read that last sentence together, very slowly (this time in bold). This gift will enable the purchase of 20 new $69 Kindles, along with 20 new cases. But that’s not all. The balance will go to buying books, Kindle cases, and replacement batteries for future Kindle donations.

You know what that means, right? Yep, you got it: My dream of reaching 100 Kindles by the end of 2013 will now be a reality. In fact, I’ve already bought the 20 Kindles, and they should arrive on or before Dec. 18.

It’s all pretty amazing!

I sincerely and deeply thank DSW, not only for this latest major gift, but also for their ongoing support of the Kindle Classroom Project. DSW’s generosity inspires me to think bigger. What was once just a little side project is now something much larger. And it’s growing every day! favicon

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Kindle Classroom Project update, June 2013

favicon It was a relatively slow month at the Kindle Classroom Project. But there are still plenty of things to celebrate, and here are a few highlights.

1. The Project received its first Kindle donation via Craigslist.
Back in November, I began scouring Craigslist for people who might want to donate their Kindles. So I set up an alert to my Google Reader, and whenever someone in San Francisco posted a Kindle, I wrote a quick email.

Today, 100+ email requests later, Alex from San Francisco responded, and in typical Craigslist fashion, we met up at a local cafe, where we made the trade. Except I didn’t give him anything besides my thanks. Alex said that he decided to donate his Kindle Touch after prospective buyers flaked. Thank you, flaky Craigslisters! And thank you, Alex.

2. We’re now up to 50 Kindles.
Thanks to Janie (Vashon, WA), Jenni (Berkeley, CA), an anonymous international donor, and Alex (San Francisco, CA), the Project added four Kindles this month. I’m very pleased.

I’d like to keep up the momentum. At this rate — an average of 1 Kindle donated per week — it’s possible to reach my goal of 60 Kindles by September 1.

3. There’s still good progress on e-books.
This month, 18 books were donated, making the total 265. I’d like to thank LeAnne from Fremont for her donation of three books. My goal of 300 books by September 1 seems reachable.

Among the new titles: The New Jim CrowSleeping With the EnemyTravel TeamSummer Ball, and Drama High. I’m finding out that many ninth grade boys like novels about sports. Many ninth grade girls appreciate that their teacher is not censoring Drama High (this generation’s version of Sweet Valley High).

4. It was a huge month for money donations.
DonorsChoose celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day by offering a promotion: double your donation. In just one day, I received almost $1,300. Thank you DSW, Bernice, Michele, Iris, Stuart, Laura, and LeAnne! I’m saving up the money for a big project next year!

* * *
What will June bring? Will people keep hold of their Kindles in preparation for summer reading? Or will they flock to the beach with their physical books and want a better home for the e-readers?

I’m looking forward to celebrating this year’s work and the 49 students who have read a lot. I can’t wait to reflect and figure out next year’s goals. Thank you again to everyone who has made this year a huge success at the Kindle Classroom Project! favicon

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Another $1,000 donation: DSW has done it again!

favicon A huge roar emerged from the offices of the Kindle Classroom Project last night when I received an email from DonorsChoose letting me know that DSW from Saratoga had made a $500 donation.

That $500 donation — the largest amount that DonorsChoose is matching this week as part of its Teacher Appreciation promotion — instantly doubled to a whopping $1,000.

This $1,000 donation marks the second major gift from DSW. Read about the first $1,000 donation last December.

Isn’t this amazing? Isn’t this slightly crazy?

I am astounded. I am intensely appreciative.

Thank you, DSW! Your contribution continues to encourage me to think bigger about what’s possible. I am no longer thinking small.

For example: Why stop at three classrooms (my current goal for next year)? Why not try to distribute Kindles to every ninth grader at a school?

Also: Why not proceed seriously to achieve classroom library mirroring, where every title on the Kindles has a physical counterpart on the shelves?

And one last thing: Why not think of making the Kindle Classroom Project into a full-fledged nonprofit organization?

All of these are reachable dreams because of this latest large donation. Thank you again, DSW! favicon