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3 months, 92 Kindles

favicon More Kindles have been donated in the last three months than in any other similar stretch in the history of the Kindle Classroom Project.

Since Nov. 1, 92 Kindles have arrived at the KCP. That’s one a day!

Please take a look at this chart:chart_1


It’s normal to have a holiday jump. Amazon usually comes out with a new Kindle model before Thanksgiving, which people buy for themselves or their loved ones. This means that generous people look for good homes for their used devices. Last year, 56 Kindles were donated between from November through January. But 92 is most the KCP has ever received by far.

Getting so many Kindles has been really fun, and I’m getting better at processing them quickly and getting them ready for students. Because the volume is so high, I hope to open another Kindle classroom in the next few weeks.

Again, I’d like to thank all the generous people who donate their Kindles, contribute money for books, and leave kind messages of support for the Kindle Classroom Project. Although the program is still small, it’s becoming something, and I’m hopeful to see it grow. favicon

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