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100-Kindle goal smashed, obliterated!

favicon At the beginning of December, just two weeks ago, I announced a bold goal: Let’s reach 100 Kindles by the New Year!

It was a bold goal because at the time, the Kindle Classroom Project had 87 Kindles. There had never been a month in its history where 13 or more Kindles had been donated.

Today, I am very happy to report that the 100-Kindle goal has not just been reached. It has been smashed, obliterated, squashed, crushed, shattered — and many other words!

We now have 111 Kindles!

Most of the credit goes to DSW (Saratoga, CA) for their $2,000 donation, which allowed for the purchase of 20 new Kindles. Want to see? Here’s the biggest Kindle stack in KCP history!

20-Kindle Stack

Yes, the stack keeps going and going. Thank you, DSW, for your continued support of young people and their reading lives. Your generosity will now make it possible for every single ninth grader at a school to receive a Kindle!

Though DSW’s gift has made the bulk of Kindles possible, many other donors have made Kindle contributions this month. Here is a quick list: Matthew (Chicago, IL), Julia (Ann Arbor, MI), Mikey (San Francisco, CA), Amber (Wilkes-Barre, PA), and Deborah (San Francisco, CA). It’s amazing that people find the Project through its Facebook page or its Donate Your Kindle page on Iserotope.

Plus, there are more Kindles to come. In fact, it’s possible that the KCP will reach 120 Kindles by the start of 2014! It’s all amazing.

In addition to Kindles, I’ve received e-books (thank you, Charles), physical books (thank you, Iris), cases (thank you, Mikey), money (thank you, Wil), and batteries (thank you, Saugut and Mary). It takes generosity of many kinds for the KCP to flourish.

Finally, it’s becoming clear that it takes a combination of sustaining donors and new donors to help the KCP to grow. One of my favorite things is hearing that a new donor heard about the project through word of mouth. Though the Kindle Classroom Project is still somewhat small, it’s possible that 2014 will bring some new big things! favicon

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