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Welcome, Kindle #18!

favicon Kindles are coming in quickly now!

I’m very happy to announce the arrival of Kindle #18. There it is, inside its cute green case, over there on the right!

This Kindle Keyboard is the 18th Kindle in the fleet and the sixth in the past two months.

I’m even more impressed about how it got here. Sarah from Petaluma found out about The Kindle Classroom Project online (thank you, Google!), filled out the easy-to-fill-out form on the new KCP page, and shipped the Kindle over to me in a jiffy.

The card was a great touch. Thank you, Sarah, for thinking of ninth graders and their reading lives. I’m appreciative that you chose us as one of your #26acts.

The Kindle-giving pace is definitely picking up. People are donating and telling their friends. I’m finding out that word-of-mouth has been instrumental in this latest wave of donations.

In addition, more and more people are switching over to the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Fire and wanting to do something good with their old Kindle. (I am hopeful that this trend continues after the Christmas season!)

For all of this generosity, and for all of these efforts, I am very thankful. I never thought that I would be able to offer a second classroom of students access to Kindles this year, but it’s likely going to happen in January — maybe at the school where I coach, or perhaps as part of an after-school reading club at my former school in San Francisco.

If you have thoughts or ideas, please let me know! favicon

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