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Great new Kindle cover from Mary in Iowa!

favicon Mary from Iowa has struck again! Today, she donated three more e-books: It Calls You BackThe Willpower Instinct, and Fire in the Ashes. All three titles were student requests on the Kindle Classroom Project Wishlist. (Check it out!)

In addition to those donations, Mary also sent a beautiful cover for the Project’s first-ever Kindle Paperwhite. Take a look! First, the front.


Don’t you love the color? On Amazon, it’s called “persimmon.” It’s perfect. What’s even better (than perfect? you ask) is what happens when you open the cover. The Kindle automatically turns on, like an iPad, and is ready to read.


I’m thoroughly impressed and incredibly grateful. Mary is just one of the generous donors who care about my students and their reading lives. I’m particularly appreciative of people who are repeat donors. You make the program grow and stay sustainable. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!