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This week’s new books to our Kindle Library

favicon Thanks to generous donors, I’ve purchased the following five books this week that my students requested: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Little Bee, The Red Scarf, Three Cups of Tea, and The Help.

These are all high-interest books. Although I don’t personally like all the books (The Help annoyed me, for example), they’re high-quality books that book clubs choose all the time.

I’m proud of my students for selecting excellent books to read. And I’m very appreciative to the people who have given money to build our Kindle library.

(Did you notice the ChipIn sidebar? I received an $18 donation last night! That’s enough for two more books.)

If you like the idea of students reading, go ahead and donate. It’s easy, I promise. Or find a friend to donate on your behalf. And while you’re at it, tell them that I’m still accepting Kindles! favicon

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