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The KCP Library reaches 600 titles

favicon I am proud to announce that the Kindle Classroom Project’s library now stands at 600 titles, thanks to student requests and donor contributions.

Patternmaster, by Octavia E. Butler, is the KCP Library’s 600th book. It was requested by Jazmine, who got hooked on Ms. Butler after her teacher assigned Kindred. Jazmine is in the middle of reading all of Ms. Butler’s books.


The KCP Library has grown substantially in 2015. As a point of reference, in late-January, the library held 406 titles. Every book since then has been requested by a student.

Students are able to request books because of generous donors from across the country. I want students to be able to read what they want, however much they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. The only way that I can make good on that wish is because of the contributions I receive.

Here are a few other books that students have requested the past couple months:

Life in Prison, by Stanley “Tookie” Williams
+ Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell
+ Black Boy, by Richard Wright
+ The Martian, by Andy Weir
+ A Deeper Love Inside, by Sister Souljah

The requests keep rolling in. Sometimes they enter my email inbox in the morning, when students finish up books at school and want to start new ones. Other times, the requests come late at night, because students are reading on their Kindles at all times of day. Whenever the requests come in, I love honoring them.

The KCP is ending 2015 strong because of dedicated teachers, interested students, and generous donors. Thank you! favicon

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