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Getting the new Kindle Voyage? Donate your old Kindle to my students!

Kindle Voyage-578-80favicon Wow, the new Kindle Voyage is beautiful.

I’ll be getting one. How about you?

If you get one, I have a proposition: Donate your old Kindle to my students!

For the past four years, generous people from across the country have given me their used Kindles so that I can encourage high school students to read.

My students and I would like you to do the same!

The Kindle Classroom Project now serves 166 students in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Hayward.

If you donate now, your Kindle will be the 167th in the collection!

Donating is really easy. Just fill out a quick form on this page, and then I’ll let you know next steps.

Hope to hear from you soon! favicon