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Kindle Classroom Project update, June 2013

favicon It was a relatively slow month at the Kindle Classroom Project. But there are still plenty of things to celebrate, and here are a few highlights.

1. The Project received its first Kindle donation via Craigslist.
Back in November, I began scouring Craigslist for people who might want to donate their Kindles. So I set up an alert to my Google Reader, and whenever someone in San Francisco posted a Kindle, I wrote a quick email.

Today, 100+ email requests later, Alex from San Francisco responded, and in typical Craigslist fashion, we met up at a local cafe, where we made the trade. Except I didn’t give him anything besides my thanks. Alex said that he decided to donate his Kindle Touch after prospective buyers flaked. Thank you, flaky Craigslisters! And thank you, Alex.

2. We’re now up to 50 Kindles.
Thanks to Janie (Vashon, WA), Jenni (Berkeley, CA), an anonymous international donor, and Alex (San Francisco, CA), the Project added four Kindles this month. I’m very pleased.

I’d like to keep up the momentum. At this rate — an average of 1 Kindle donated per week — it’s possible to reach my goal of 60 Kindles by September 1.

3. There’s still good progress on e-books.
This month, 18 books were donated, making the total 265. I’d like to thank LeAnne from Fremont for her donation of three books. My goal of 300 books by September 1 seems reachable.

Among the new titles: The New Jim CrowSleeping With the EnemyTravel TeamSummer Ball, and Drama High. I’m finding out that many ninth grade boys like novels about sports. Many ninth grade girls appreciate that their teacher is not censoring Drama High (this generation’s version of Sweet Valley High).

4. It was a huge month for money donations.
DonorsChoose celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day by offering a promotion: double your donation. In just one day, I received almost $1,300. Thank you DSW, Bernice, Michele, Iris, Stuart, Laura, and LeAnne! I’m saving up the money for a big project next year!

* * *
What will June bring? Will people keep hold of their Kindles in preparation for summer reading? Or will they flock to the beach with their physical books and want a better home for the e-readers?

I’m looking forward to celebrating this year’s work and the 49 students who have read a lot. I can’t wait to reflect and figure out next year’s goals. Thank you again to everyone who has made this year a huge success at the Kindle Classroom Project! favicon

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