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A well-traveled Kindle comes to SF

favicon Kindle donors leave the kindest notes for students. Here’s one I received a few days ago from a generous donor. I can’t wait to share this note with an eager student in San Francisco.

I hope that you will enjoy this Kindle as much as I have in the last six years. This electronic gadget has traveled a bit, and I thought you might like to know where it has been. This Kindle’s latest trip was to Seoul, South Korea, where I went for work. It has also been to Cabo San Lucas last winter.

There have been multiple trips to Europe: to Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Austria. Here in the “Lower 48,” it has traveled to Seattle WA, Salt Lake City UT, Las Cruses NM, Savannah GA, and Denver CO, to name a few!

Please keep the Kindles streaming in, Generous Donors, and though kind notes to students aren’t mandatory, they are definitely welcome! favicon

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Next up for the Kindle Classroom Project: Building the Kindle Library to 500 titles

favicon It’s been a whirlwind of a Winter Break for the Kindle Classroom Project. Some highlights:

– I counted Kindles (226 on Christmas, now 233),
– I tracked where the Kindles have come from (including 29 states),
– Teacher Kathleen Large and I prepped 60 Kindles for her students in SF,
– The KCP has a new online business card,
– There’s a new book request form and a new books completed form for students,
– The KCP received a $2,000 donation from DSW (Saratoga, CA),
– There’s a new, super super easy and safe way to donate to the KCP,
– The Kindle Library is now updated and on Goodreads,
– The KCP was featured in an Edutopia interview,
– There’s a new application for prospective KCP teachers.

If I do say so myself, that’s not bad! So, what’s next up?

It’s pretty clear: 2015 will be the year of the Kindle Library.

The KCP is as good as its books. The Kindles are wonderful, and they’re obviously necessary, but unless the Kindles have good books, there’s no reading. There’s no magic. (Magic is good.)

I am very proud of the current Kindle Library. Thanks to generous donors, it includes 380 high-quality titles that are accessible to all 233 students. The library has books that students want to read. Like these:

My Bloody Life   Divergent   Buck

But I’m confident that the Kindle Library can get bigger and better. In 2015, I want to build the library to 500 titles. There will be two ways:

Continue honoring my promise to students: If they want to read a book that is currently not in the Kindle Library, I’ll buy it for them.

Introduce new high-quality books that students may not know about yet.

I would like to invite you to help build the Kindle Library in 2015. A $10 donation means a student gets a new book he or she wants to read.

Even better: The book never gets lost or worn, and it automatically becomes available to all 233 students in the KCP.

Donating takes less than a minute. (You can even be advanced and become a monthly supporter.) There’s an enormous button right here for you to click. Do you see it? It’s right here, ready for clicking.

Donate Now

(If you’d like other ways to donate, please visit the Contribute page.)

With your help, raising the $1,200 in 2015 to push the Kindle Library up to 500 titles will not be an insurmountable challenge.

As always, I want to thank all the generous donors to the Kindle Classroom Project. It’s simply unfathomable to think how much growth there has been the past two years. Thank you again, and Happy New Year! favicon

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Here is the quickest and easiest way to donate to the Kindle Classroom Project

favicon It doesn’t get faster or easier than this! To donate to the Kindle Classroom Project, just click this big red button.

Donate Now

Feel free to modify the amount and the frequency (one-time, monthly, yearly) of your contribution. Here is how your donation is invested:

Books ($10). When a student requests a Kindle book, I buy it!
Kindle chargers ($6). Every week or so, the Kindles need charging.
Kindle cases ($8). Cases protect the fragile Kindles from getting broken.
Audiobooks ($15). Professional narration helps some students read.
New York Times ($20 a month). Nothing better than a good newspaper. This pays for a print and Kindle subscription.

Important: 100% of your donation goes directly to helping students reclaim their love of reading. None of your donation goes to administrative costs. (That’s where my money goes.)

The KCP now serves 227 students in San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward. Make a donation today! favicon

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Where have all the Kindles come from?

favicon In my last post, I announced that the Kindle Classroom Project is now 226 Kindles strong. Pretty impressive!

Where have all these Kindles come from?

From everywhere, that’s where! Well, actually, the Kindles have arrived from 29 states and four international locations. Take a look at this U.S. map!

Screenshot 2014-12-26 12.17.44In no particular order, here are the states where generous Kindle donors live: California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, Iowa, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Utah, Florida, Connecticut, Washington, North Carolina, Kentucky, New Jersey, Missouri, Arkansas, and Colorado.

The most popular states? California, naturally (51 donors), but also New York (18 donors), Pennsylvania (7 donors), Texas (6 donors), Virginia (6 donors), Massachusetts (6 donors), Arizona (5 donors), and New Jersey (5 donors).

Please let me know if I missed you and your state! (This post does not include the many people who have contributed physical books, e-books, and cash donations. That will be for an upcoming post.)

I’m also looking for first donors from a number of states, so please get the word out. Let’s go, Montana! How about you, Ohio? (Though I must say, I would do well as a presidential candidate with this electoral map.) favicon

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End of 2014: The KCP is 226 Kindles strong

Kindle Deckfavicon There has been a bit of Bush v. Gore in my house the past few days.

I’ve been getting 61 Kindles ready for a new Kindle classroom in San Francisco (more about that in an upcoming post). During this process, I’ve done a full accounting of the Kindles — and I’ve discovered that the flurry of December donations has put the total number of Kindles at higher than I believed.

The recount is finished. No more hanging chads.

The Kindle Classroom Project is ending 2014 at 226 Kindles.

Here are some quick numbers:
– Kindles donated, December 2014 — 26
– Kindles donated, November 2014 — 34

– Total Kindles donated, 2014 — 111
– Total Kindles donated, 2013 — 95


This is all very impressive. Thank you, Generous Donors, for promoting reading and for believing in the project!

Here are a few more numbers for you. Which Kindle has been donated the most? Please take a look at the current Kindle fleet:

Kindle 2: 35
Kindle Keyboard: 58
Kindle 4-5: 64
Kindle Touch: 24
Kindle Paperwhite: 11
Kindle Fire: 18
Kindle Fire HD: 2
Kindle 7: 14

I’m extremely excited about the new year. When will the KCP hit 300 Kindles? Is 400 a possible goal for 2015? Please keep the Kindles coming! favicon

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DSW (Saratoga, CA) donates $2,000 to the Kindle Classroom Project. There is joy!

joyfavicon I woke up this morning to find an extremely large Amazon gift card in my email inbox, thanks to DSW (Saratoga, CA). Thank you, DSW!

DSW — not the shoe store! — is the Kindle Classroom Project‘s most generous and dedicated supporter. They have been following the program since the beginning and have been instrumental in its growth.

Really, let’s be real here: If it weren’t for DSW, the KCP would not be as strong and as successful as it is today. I am extremely appreciative.

DSW’s donation will guarantee that students will be able to request new books they want to read. It’s one of my promises to the students: If you want to read a book, I’ll buy it. Students fill out an online form, I receive it, I buy the book, and then I deliver the book directly to the student’s Kindle. Students have told me it feels like magic. What’s even better is that the book automatically becomes available to all 200 students participating in the KCP.

As we move into 2015, Kindles are streaming in (sometimes more than one a day), and I’m working to build relationships with new teachers in order to expand the program. That’s why DSW’s donation is so crucial. After all, I have tons of Kindles (thanks, donors!), and I have tons of interested teachers. Now I am certain that I’ll continue to have the books.

Thank you again, DSW! favicon

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At the Kindle Classroom Project, something special is happening every day

favicon The Kindles aren’t even out yet (they go out beginning next week), and already, there is a ton of magic happening this year at the Kindle Classroom Project. It seems like every which way you turn, there is something exciting.

Yesterday’s donation from Matt (Fremont, CA), a former student, stopped me in my tracks, not just because of its generosity, but also because of my realization that I have a large group of former students (about 1,500 people over 15 years of teaching) who are kind and want to give back to their communities. They can give in many ways, and I am honored that Matt and other former students contribute to the KCP.

Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised. My former students have done it before. Remember last year, when more than 20 former students bought books from the KCP Amazon Wishlist?

Or how about earlier this year, when former students donated a Chromebook to Nancy Jo Turner‘s students in Berkeley?

If you’re a teacher, it’s a great feeling when students come back to visit you in your classroom. Because I don’t have one classroom anymore, I feel the same way when I receive a donation from a former student.

Former students helping current students. There’s something that sounds right about that. favicon

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Toni (Cary, NC), generous donor to the KCP

favicon Sometimes, generous donors to the Kindle Classroom Project can’t help themselves! They just keep giving and giving!

Toni (Cary, NC) is one of these kind people. Last year, Toni donated three Kindles. Today, she made a large donation to complete funding on my 52nd DonorsChoose project.

Her comment on DonorsChoose was also very touching: “I am a long-time fan of Mr. Isero’s efforts to help kids learn.”

Well, Toni, my students and I are long-time fans of you, too! Thank you again for caring about my students and their reading lives! favicon

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Milestone: 50 projects on DonorsChoose!

RFF Logo(1) (1)favicon I like milestones.

Today one was reached: My 50th project on DonorsChoose.org was completed, thanks to the Rogers Family Foundation and a few anonymous donors.

When I found out late this afternoon, on an otherwise tough Monday, I was overjoyed. The Rogers Foundation is extremely respected, especially in Oakland, and its work to promote literacy is inspirational.

Plus, it’s my 50th project!

Over the years, generous friends and strangers have contributed generously to my projects. Now I focus on physical books, but folks in the past have supported a huge variety of classroom supplies, including computers, printers, tablets, document cameras, field trips, Kindles, and e-books.

I haven’t calculated how much all the 50 projects add up to, but it’s easily more than $15,000.

That’s why I firmly believe that if you’re a teacher, you should always have a project up on DonorsChoose.org.

Make the project very small — usually around $100. Books are best because they’re funded fast. Make a small donation, around $5-$10, to get things started. To get your project out there, feel free to connect DonorsChoose.org with Facebook, but don’t ask your friends too often for money. Instead, let strangers take care of things. If you’re patient, they will. My projects typically take about two weeks to fund.

Here are two secrets, especially for overworked teachers: I use the same exact project description, over and over again, and just change the materials I’m requesting. And I always have another project ready, so that there isn’t too much of a gap between finishing one project and starting another.

Sure, DonorsChoose.org is not perfect for everyone. You don’t want to do big projects on it, and some people will be turned off by the large fees. But for things like books, DonorsChoose.org is perfect. With a nice template, you can easily have 15 books delivered every month to your classroom.

Go ahead and take a look at my DonorsChoose.org page and browse the 50 projects that generous donors have funded. Thank you, donors! favicon

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Promote reading: Give a student access to a Kindle and 500 books for $40 a year!

Kevin Kindlefavicon Today I was doing some number crunching, and I calculated that the Kindle Classroom Project costs about $40 per student per year.

The money, donated by generous contributors, goes to maintaining the 156 Kindles and to building the 501-title Kindle Library via student requests.

But if you ask a student, they’d tell you a slightly different version of where the money goes.

This is what they’d say:

+ The money lets them read whatever book they want whenever they want wherever they want. Students get to take their Kindle home with them.

+ The money lets them reclaim their love of reading. Students read an average of 18 books last school year on their Kindle.

+ The money lets them learn about themselves and the world without depending on others. Students have access to 500 high-quality books.

+ The money tells students that adults care about them and their reading lives. Students want adults to believe in them.

I am asking you to join the Kindle Classroom Project by making a $40 donation to help a student reclaim their love of reading in 2014-15.

Would you like to?

If so, the easiest way is via PayPal, though there are many ways to contribute. Please click on the button below and make a generous donation.


Thank you for reading this post, and thank you for your contribution. Please feel free to leave a comment or a question.

Update: There have already been 4 donations to support students and their reading lives. Thank you: Nick and Dina (Saratoga, CA), Michele (San Francisco, CA), Kate (San Francisco, CA), Sarah (San Carlos, CA), Daniel (San Francisco, CA), and Laura (San Francisco, CA). I’ll try to keep this updated! favicon