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A beautiful advertisement about the power of reading. (That is, until the last two seconds.)

favicon My friend and colleague sent me a South African commercial tonight about an illiterate man who learns to read.

It’s beautiful. Please watch.

Up until the last two seconds, I was ready to share this advertisement with the teacher-leaders in my network and encourage them to show it to their students.

Too bad for the last two seconds!

Question: Do you think the video is still usable? As in, maybe it’s OK to stop it right before Bell’s Whisky enters the picture? Or would some of you show the entire commercial to your students?

Please let me know your thoughts — and your favorite part of the ad! favicon

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(Still) my favorite Amazon Kindle advertisement

favicon The holiday season is here, which means your TV will likely be inundated with commercials prompting you to buy the latest gadgets.

Amazon no doubt will encourage you to buy Kindle Fire HD or the Kindle Paperwhite. But I am not moved (too much). My heart still goes out for the Kindle Keyboard: no fancy videos or pictures, built-in text-to-speech, and a full-on keyboard for highlights and annotations.

Plus, the Kindle Keyboard had a really good commercial for the holidays:

This commercial aired three years ago, when the Kindle Keyboard was the latest version, and when the Kindle Fire didn’t exist yet. Even though the ad is old, it understands what happens when we connect a kid’s curiosity to the world of books. favicon