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Recommended Reading: “A Prisoner’s Reading List”

favicon I don’t hear the term “well-read” very often anymore. We all might be reading more, but it’s usually the various intermittent stuff online. If it’s a book, it’s likely about a topic we already care and know a little about.

With all this reading going around, going around, we might not be getting any smarter.

This article puts “well-read” back into proper perspective.

“I met Daniel Genis at a bookstore. It was March, and I was there to speak on a panel about Sergei Dovlatov, the comic novelist of late Soviet decay, and Genis came up to me afterward, wanting to talk about books. Books, it became clear, were something he knew about.”

Source: http://j.mp/1mvEWgD. You can also find this article at Iserotope Extras, a curated list of my favorite articles about teaching, reading, and technology. favicon

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