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Reader to Reader: LaMiya, Oakland

LaMiya Reader to Readerfavicon Today, I’m launching a new series. It’s called Reader to Reader. I’m excited.

The idea is to sit down with students who are participating in the Kindle Classroom Project, hear about their experience with their Kindle, and learn a little about their reading lives, including the book they’re reading now.

It won’t be fancy or glitzy — just two readers having a chat. But I do think that the result will be something special.

This first installment is a 10-minute talk with LaMiya, a 10th grader at Envision Academy in Oakland. She is a student in Nicole’s advisory and reads on a Kindle Fire.

Please enjoy!

For more information about LaMiya’s touchstone book: The Dogs of Winter, by Bobbie Pyron.

I hope you enjoyed this first Reader to Reader. (Yes, I’m working on my interviewing skills and audio quality!) Please leave your thoughts in the comments! favicon


  1. micheleg

    OMG! Here is what I really really appreciate about this:
    1. I love hearing this student’s voice;
    2. I love hearing her talk about the book;
    3. I love hearing her talk about the experience of seeing a box of books and wanting one;
    4. I love LaMiya and I love you!
    Thanks so much. I’m super excited about Reader to Reader!

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