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More reading enthusiasm at Oakland High School

13 Stack of Kindlesfavicon Good news continues to flow from Oakland High School, where students are reading a lot and appreciating their Kindles.

(Here’s a previous post about the enthusiasm.)

Teacher Jessica writes that her experience so far with the Kindles “is all very dreamy. I feel like I’m living in a movie about excited readers.”

Her students agree.

One student told Jessica: “I told my mom we were getting Kindles, and she was like, ‘Oh, you go to that kind of school now!’ ” (*positive tone*).

Then, during a not-so-interesting school assembly, Jessica witnessed “rows” of her students “slyly reading their Kindles.”

(I love it when students “misbehave” by reading.)

And then there’s this one: One of Jessica’s students approached her the other day and said, “I’m really turning into a reader! I just keep reading this Kindle, and I’m getting faster!”

This is wonderful news. The students at Oakland High School are eager, and they’re grateful, and they’re reading a lot. (You should see all the books they’re requesting!)

The Kindle Classroom Project isn’t doing anything to enhance the enthusiasm that Oakland students have for reading. The enthusiasm is already there. There’s nothing fancy or magical going on.

All the KCP is doing is giving students widespread access to books — whatever students want to read, whenever they want to read. The students and their excellent teachers are doing the rest. favicon

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