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Michael Grant’s GONE series is popular. Toni (Cary, NC) donated the physical books. Do you want to buy the e-books?

Gonefavicon Two days ago, I learned that students are very interested in Gone, the dystopian series by Michael Grant where everyone over 15 suddenly disappears.

So I quickly wrote a DonorsChoose proposal to fund five copies each of the six titles in the series. Just 12 hours later, Toni (Cary, NC) came through for the second time this week. Her generous contribution means that students at all five KCP schools will have a physical copy of the entire Gone series to browse before reading it on their Kindle.

Except there’s one problem: Gone is not yet on the Kindles.

That’s where you come in! For $42, you can purchase all six e-books in the series and have them available to all 161 Kindlers. Not a bad investment, right?

Update: It looks like two e-books have already been donated! The remaining four cost $25.86. (Thanks, Generous Donors, though I haven’t identified you yet!)

Update #2: All six GONE books are now donated, thanks to Mary (Parkersburg, IA). Mary is a long-time sustaining donor to the Kindle Classroom Project, and I am very grateful that she has come through again. It’s amazing and heartwarming that this post went out just a few hours ago, and already, Mary has taken care of business! Thank you again, Mary!

What’s even better is that when you buy an e-book, it can never be lost or tattered or destroyed or well-worn or stolen or defaced or written in or dogeared or any other bad things that sometimes happen to physical books. Your donation remains in mint, pristine condition no matter how many of the 161 Kindlers this year read the Gone series!

If you’re in the mood to take care of business, head on over to the Kindle Classroom Project Amazon Wishlist. You’ll see the books listed. Buy one or buy them all! Make sure to send them directly to iseroma at rocketmail dot com. And identify yourself so I can thank you! If you have questions, please let me know in the comments.

With your help, I can surprise the students this Friday that the entire Gone series is up on the bookshelf and in all of their Kindlesfavicon

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