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Kindle library reaches 300 titles

favicon A big thank you goes out to Nicole (Quincy, MA) for her generous donation today of three e-books, which catapulted the Kindle library to 300 titles overall.

This is a big and important milestone. Thank you, Nicole!

(This is Nicole’s third contribution. In January, she donated a Kindle. Then, in April, she donated an e-book. Today, she donated three e-books from the students’ Amazon WishlistThe House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer; Snitch, by Allison van Diepen; and Two Boys Kissing, by David Levithan.)

houseofthescorpion   snitch2   twoboyskissing

Just a few posts ago, I emphasized the importance of building a robust e-book library of engaging and high-interest books. The Kindle donations are wonderful, but without excellent books, the devices can’t do much on their own to lure a distracted ninth grader to the power of stories.

More and more generous donors are understanding this important point. Tons of people have visited the wishlist lately, and e-book purchases are picking up. It’s a pretty exciting time.

One reason it’s exciting: More and more people are becoming what I call “sustaining donors,” who have contributed more than once. Nicole is one of them. So is Mary (Parkersburg, IA), who donated a barcode scanner today that will help a school library in Oakland. This was Mary’s sixth separate and discrete contribution. Amazing!

I look forward to adding Nicole’s books to the Kindle library, and I hope that October continues this auspicious momentum. Want to get involved? Check out the Amazon Wishlist or the Contribute pagefavicon

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