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The Kindle Classroom Project is in Edutopia!

favicon The Kindle Classroom Project has enjoyed great press this year. Back in April, Phi Delta Kappan published an article about the program.

And now, because of my kind and gracious colleagues, Bob Lenz and Monica Alatorre, the KCP is in Edutopia, a leading education website published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

edutopia logoBob, the co-founder and Chief of Innovation of Envision Education, interviewed me about a number of topics, including my background in education, my passion for reading, Iserotope, TEACHER VOICES, and the Kindle Classroom Project. (Bob also donated a Kindle a few months ago.)

Monica, the Communications Manager at Envision Education, was instrumental in the process and is a wonderful collaborator. She’s a committed advocate of the KCP and works hard to build our schools’ reading cultures.

I’m lucky to work with both of them!

Here’s the interview, “Why Reading Matters: An Interview with a School Leader.” (There’s even a small picture of me, trying to be all professional.)

My hope is that readers get a quick sense of how the KCP has grown over the past few years. It’s crazy to think that just 2+ years ago, there were just 8 Kindles. Now they’re streaming in every day, multiples at a time!

Please enjoy the piece and let me know what you think. favicon

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