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Kindle #13 is here!

favicon I am pleased to announce the arrival of Kindle #13 to The Kindle Classroom Project!

There it is, in its original box, over on the right!

I can’t wait to get this Kindle prepped for the classroom. Students are now on Thanksgiving break, but come Monday, Kindle #13 will be in a student’s hands, ready for reading.

And I’m happy that it’s a Kindle Touch. I’m not picky about Kindles (they’re all great, except maybe the Original Kindle, which I no longer accept), but students tend to prefer the Kindle Touch because, well, it has a touch screen. (Young people don’t like buttons.)

This will be the third Kindle Touch in the collection.

The holidays are here, and I’m feeling some good momentum for The Kindle Classroom Project. Slowly (but surely!), the word is getting out! I appreciate all the generous donors (friends and strangers) who have contributed Kindles to my students.

But I also want to add that I appreciate the people who are connecting me to their friends and colleagues. (It turns out that there are many Kindles out there, lying around, ready to be donated!) Iserotope readers are a loyal and resourceful bunch. Because of your help, a class set of Kindles might just happen this year. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!