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It’s a Kindle Thanksgiving

new kindlefavicon Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope you had a great day!

Mine was filled with family, good food, and Kindles. This morning, Amazon got started on the holiday season by slashing its prices. The new touchscreen Kindle, usually $79, was cut to just $49.

So I shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, and less than 12 hours later, my Amazon Wishlist shows that NINE Kindles have been purchased.

Update: Now it’s 10!

Pretty great!

Amazon doesn’t let you know who has bought items from your Wishlist, so I’ll have to wait until Monday when I’m back in the office to find out who the extremely kind and generous folks are who contributed.

Right now, I know of just one of the donors: Wil (New Orleans, LA). Wil is a friend and former colleague who has given consistently to the Kindle Classroom Project. He has donated a Kindle and books in the past and has also been a monthly sustaining donor. Thank you, Wil, for your latest donation!

If you’d like to buy a new Kindle for a student (the $49 deal may last through the weekend), please do! Just go to my Amazon Wishlist. It’s easy! And it’s a great investment: For just $50, a ninth grader gets access to 500+ books for four years. (That’s sort of like buying a book a year.)

Thank you for making this a Kindle Thanksgiving!

Update: Just found out this morning that Lori (Woodbridge, VA) is one of the other generous Kindle donors. She was the one who got things started yesterday with the purchase of four new Kindles (along with chargers). Lori has also donated two Kindle and multiple books in the past. Sustaining contributors to the Kindle Classroom Project are awesome. Thanks, Lori!

Another update: The Kindle Thanksgiving continues with the donations of eight used Kindles. That means that 18 Kindles have been added to the KCP over the past three days. Thank you! favicon

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