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Hi there! My name is Kindle #300.

Kindle300horizontalfavicon  I am pleased to announce the arrival of Kindle #300, a gift from Virginia in Murphy, North Carolina.

Thank you very much, Virginia. This is a big milestone!

Over the past year, the Kindle Classroom Project has doubled in size. From 150 Kindles last April to 300 today, the program has exploded in interest and impact.

After a slow February (just 12 Kindles), March was back to normal, with 29 Kindles coming in. Since last November, I’ve been averaging six Kindles a week, nearly one a day.

The next few months, I’ll be recruiting teachers for next school year. I’m excited about growing the KCP in Oakland and San Francisco, home to excellent teachers who often do not have the additional time or resources to build robust classroom libraries.

The book requests are still streaming in at all hours of the day and night. Yesterday, Elizabeth (Hayward, CA) asked for Looking for Alaska, by John Green. Because of the book’s popularity, more than six students have read the title, which means, according to Amazon policy and publishers’ expectations, I purchase another copy.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Summer 2015 and next school year. In a few months, we will pilot our first KCP Summer Session, in which a group of students will get to keep their Kindles in June and July. I’m going to ask them to reflect on whether having a Kindle encourages them to keep reading over the break. My prediction is yes.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions. The KCP community of students, teachers, and generous donors is growing, and we’re on the cusp of something big! favicon

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