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Former students, this challenge is for you.

favicon My wonderful former students: It’s time for a challenge.

Are there 50 of you willing to donate $10 (or more) to support my current students and their reading lives?

Your $10 donation will buy a Kindle e-book that will go on the Kindle Classroom Project‘s 164 Kindles.

You want to do it, right? There are two ways:

#1: On your phone. Scan this QR code, then scroll down to the bottom where it says, “Send money.” Then fill out your info.

Iserotope QR Code

#2: On the site. Go to my Contribute page, where you will find more ways to donate, including through PayPal, Amazon giftcard, and DonorsChoose.

I would like to thank all my former students who have donated in the past. (Feel free to donate again!) If you haven’t donated, now is your time.

A few more things:
+ LHS alumni, you’ll be happy to know that every single ninth grader will receive a Kindle this year!

+ IHS alumni, it may well be the right time for a 15-year Prentisero, Dowsero, and/or We the People reunion next Spring. Right?

Update, Day 1: 12 donors already!
Update, Day 3: $260! More than halfway there!

With your help, the 165 students reading on Kindles will have 50 new great books to read. Thank you very much! favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!