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Dezmond and Ramir: New York Times winners!

 A few posts ago, I challenged readers to help me give a graduation gift — a three-month subscription to The New York Times — to two lucky students, one from my Advisory class and one from AP English.

In less than 24 hours, three generous readers — Iris, Jenni, and Denise — had funded the project, and the raffle was officially on.

Last Friday, amid quite a bit of buzz, we drew the lucky winners: Dezmond and Ramir!

Both students were extremely happy. Dezmond told me today that he can’t wait to start receiving his subscription. (I told the students that the paper would start on September 1, after they’d settled into college.)

Dezmond will be going to college in Seattle, while Ramir is heading south to Los Angeles.

Again, thank you to Iris, Jenni, and Denise. You’re providing a graduation gift that will transform my students’ lives. You’re helping them love the news and to enter a more complex world — all at a high reading level! 

Please share your brilliant insights!