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The 70-Kindle barrier gets broken!

favicon One of my favorite things is receiving an email from a stranger across the country who is interested in donating a Kindle to the Kindle Classroom Project.

It’s heartwarming that people care deeply about young people and their reading lives. It’s wonderful that they’re willing to ship their Kindle to someone they don’t know. It’s fantastic that they have faith that I’ll put their Kindle to good use.

Those feelings are even stronger when someone says she’s going to donate TWO Kindles!

I would like to thank Mary from Princeton Junction, New Jersey, for donating a Kindle 2 and a Kindle Touch to the Kindle Classroom Project collection.

Here they are! (Mary also included a kind note.)

Mary - Kindles 70 71

Mary’s generous donation puts us at 71 Kindles in all. That also means that the Kindle Classroom Project will expand to its THIRD classroom in a few weeks!

The word is getting out that if we tell students that we care about them, and if we show them that we care by letting them borrow a Kindle, and if we challenge them to read more, and if we give them interesting books, then really good things will happen.

I look forward to seeing where the KCP goes this year. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and feel free to tell your family and friends! favicon

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