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Big book-buying bonanza

favicon Things are getting out of hand. And that makes me happy.

Just last post, I celebrated that the Kindle library had reached 300 titles. Nicole (Quincy, MA), a sustaining donor, contributed three e-books that got the library to that goal.

And then, apparently, the following happened:

1. Nicole’s good spirits permeated across the country, which infected large numbers of reading advocates,

2. These reading advocates became intensely jealous of Nicole, which prompted them to donate books to the Kindle Classroom Project like maniacs.

Yes, indeed, that is likely what happened.

In the past two days, 11 donors have bought a total of 18 books from my students’ Amazon Wishlist, and as a result, the Kindle Library now stands at 318 titles.

Here are the books and who donated them!

Not bad, right?

But it gets better!

1. Ten of the books were donated by former students.
For the first time ever, I decided to write about the Kindle Classroom Project on my teacher Facebook account. The response was quick. Within 12 hours, seven students had visited the Amazon Wishlist and bought books. Please thank Henry (SF, CA), Rasheel (Mission Viejo, CA), Cindy (SF, CA), Collins (Kentfield, CA), Michael (SF, CA), Deanna (NY, NY), and Amanda (San Jose, CA) for their generous donations!

2. Sustaining donors seem to be having a competition.
LeAnne (Fremont, CA), Iris (San Diego, CA), and Laura (SF, CA) have all donated generously in the past. But the Nicole Effect spurred them to contribute again!

3. Loyal Iserotope readers are getting the word out.
Laura (SF, CA) shared a link to the Amazon Wishlist on Facebook, which resulted in Elaine’s (Stanford, CA) generous donation. Donors Tony (SF, CA) and Dave (Oakland, CA) also shared the link to their networks, and even the National Council of Teachers of English got involved.

All I have to say is what I always say: I’m appreciative and thankful. Last month, the momentum was with Kindle donations. Everybody from everywhere wanted to send me a Kindle. This month so far, the trend is with e-books. Because of the generosity of so many people, the Kindle Library is up to 318 titles, and 115 books are mirrored, existing both in physical and digital forms.

If you’re up to it, let’s keep up this energy! I’ll keep adding titles to the Wishlist, and I’m hopeful that more people will follow up and buy books that students want to read. Thank you again! favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!