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At the Kindle Classroom Project, something special is happening every day

favicon The Kindles aren’t even out yet (they go out beginning next week), and already, there is a ton of magic happening this year at the Kindle Classroom Project. It seems like every which way you turn, there is something exciting.

Yesterday’s donation from Matt (Fremont, CA), a former student, stopped me in my tracks, not just because of its generosity, but also because of my realization that I have a large group of former students (about 1,500 people over 15 years of teaching) who are kind and want to give back to their communities. They can give in many ways, and I am honored that Matt and other former students contribute to the KCP.

Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised. My former students have done it before. Remember last year, when more than 20 former students bought books from the KCP Amazon Wishlist?

Or how about earlier this year, when former students donated a Chromebook to Nancy Jo Turner‘s students in Berkeley?

If you’re a teacher, it’s a great feeling when students come back to visit you in your classroom. Because I don’t have one classroom anymore, I feel the same way when I receive a donation from a former student.

Former students helping current students. There’s something that sounds right about that. favicon


  1. Jannica

    Thank you for a very interesting blogpost! Have you ever heard about eliademy.com? They are working for a democratisation of education with technology and there work is very interesting. Check them out! You should write about them as well!

    • Mark Isero

      Thank you for your comment! I’ll check eliademy.com out. Related: One big thing I’m investigating is Google Classroom — strengths, affordances, limitations.

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