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Another milestone! The Kindle Classroom Project has reached its 200th Kindle!

favicon After a record-breaking November, during which 40 Kindles arrived, thanks to generous donors, December has begun with a bang.

In the mail tonight was the Kindle Classroom Project‘s 200th Kindle.


This Kindle Touch — the 200th in the collection — was donated by Xiaoshan Zuo (Fremont, CA). Thank you very much, Xiaoshan!

In lots of ways, this 200th Kindle is similar to many of the 199 before it. It was donated by a generous person who found the Project online and who wanted to make a difference in students’ reading lives.

But obviously, this is no ordinary Kindle. It’s a landmark Kindle!

When I founded the Kindle Classroom Project three years ago, I never thought that it would grow this much. Consider these numbers:

December 2012 — 14 Kindles
December 2013 — 87 Kindles
December 2014 — 200 Kindles

Here’s a nifty bar graph:


Because of this growth, I have begun to have different thoughts about the Project’s future. Why not 300 Kindles by next August? How about every ninth grader in three schools gets a Kindle to keep for four years? What would be wrong if every student at a school gets a Kindle?

Because of the generosity of sustaining donors who have supported the Project from the beginning, and because of the new donors that find the KCP online every day, those questions are no longer crazy-sounding.

Thank you very much! favicon

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