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And we’re back to 14 Kindles!

favicon An anonymous donor hinted yesterday that a Kindle would show up on my doorstep this afternoon.

I like this anonymous donor. He or she speaks the truth!

There it is over to the right, Kindle #14!

My favorite part was the handwritten note:

I heard about your Kindle project. It sounds great! Please accept this one for your students. It was only $50 on eBay. I’m happy you care about reading!

Isn’t that the best? At first I was going to do some handwriting analysis to detect the source of this contribution, but now I’m going to allow him or her to remain anonymous.

And I’m going to say thank you!

The Kindle Classroom Project, after several months of dormancy, is on the move again. We’re picking up the pace. I am hopeful that we can get to a full class set before January, when Spring semester begins.

Thank you again for getting the word out. We all know that there are tons of used and now-unused Kindles out there. Imagine what would happen if they were in the hands of students! favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!