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Uh-oh: Here’s what a classroom library is not supposed to look like

favicon Unfortunately, I see this all too often.

Classroom Library in Disarray

What’s sad is that there are tons of great books here. But they’re in disarray, strewn about, all in crazy directions. Not good.

I understand why this happens: The teacher is likely overwhelmed, working too hard, running around all day, shushing students, making copies during passing period, and trying to survive.

Of course, this inference may be untrue. But from the looks of this library, my gut says that this teacher is pretty stressed out. And it’s likely that the students aren’t doing a whole lot of reading.

Maybe I should do a TV show called “Classroom Library Makeover,” where I go around and save classroom libraries like these. My first tip for this one: Sign up a student librarian to keep the shelves in check. It’ll take just one day for the books to be beautifully displayed again. favicon


  1. Laura Hawkins

    Oh man, I remember one year when my bookshelf collapsed. I just didn’t have the capacity to deal with it, and there was just a pile of books on broken shelves for the last 4 months of school. Why didn’t I have a student librarian?!

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