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Want a crazy easy way to donate money?


favicon Want to give a little donation to the Kindle Classroom Project but don’t want to be bothered by annoying multi-step processes that take forever? I think I have a solution for you.

Cash lets you send money via email. It’s from Square, whose founder founded Twitter.

The money you send comes from your debit card. It goes right to my inbox, then directly to my Kindle Classroom project debit card.

See how easy? Are you interested? Maybe you want to try it out by donating $10 for a book? Here’s how:

1. Click on the beautiful green SEND CASH button above.
Magically, an email will pop up that’s addressed to me from you.

2. If you like, change the amount you want to send me in the subject heading.
Go ahead, make it $100 instead of $10. 🙂

3. Press send.
You’ll then receive a reply from Square asking you to link your debit card. After that, that’s that!

All right, why don’t you try it now? If you tried it, thank you! You’ll get an email back from me very shortly!

I would like to give credit to Michael Schultz, who wrote this post on Medium that introduced me to Cash — and who designed the button above. Also thanks to my friend Iris, who made the button work on Iserotope! favicon

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