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TEACHER VOICES: Marni Spitz, #4

Rayonie, reading, and the 1999 Women’s World Cup victory

ms. spitz 4Ed. note: Marni Spitz teaches U.S. History and Reading Lab at City Arts and Technology High School in San Francisco. This is her fourth post for TEACHER VOICES. Donate to Marni’s classroom!

favicon Scene 1: Tuesday, August 26, 8:47 am
ME: When you finish your book, you let me know with a huge grin on your face, because you’re so excited you have just read an amazing book, and I smile so big, and we all give you a round of applause and I take your picture to document this incredible moment.


* * *

Scene 2: Tuesday, September 2, 8:31 am
RAYONIE (whispered, monotone): Ms. Spitz, I finished my book.

ME (super loud excited whisper): What?!?!?! You did?!?! Already?!?!? That’s so awesome! Did you like it? How do you feel?!?! (Turns to class) Guys (loud excited non-whisper directed at rest of class), I have a huge announcement. Rayonie finished her book!!! Isn’t that awesome? Let’s all give her a huge round of applause!

READING LAB-ERS: (Silence. Complete, utter, teenage-angsty, SILENCE.)

ME: Guys. I said, Rayonie finished her book!!!! Let’s give her a huge round of applause!!

READING LAB-ERS: (Awkward clapping)

ME: Rayonie hon, come over here so I can get your picture with your book!

RAYONIE: Do I have to take a picture? I don’t want to.

ME: Yes!!! This is so exciting and your old teacher wants to remember this day! Please just smile that incredible smile with your book! I promise you’ll thank me later.

RAYONIE: (whispers) Fine.

Here is the picture of Rayonie on that first “celebration” of her finishing her book.

Rayonie 1

Here is the picture of the gymnast who’s “not impressed” face went viral.


* * *

Scene 3: Monday, November 17, 7:52 am (40 minutes before First Period)
RAYONIE (entering room 210 with biggest smile on her face): Ms. Spitz! Guess what?!?! I finished TWO BOOKS THIS WEEKEND!!!!


RAYONIE: I just stayed in my room this weekend and read.

ME: THAT’S IT! IT’S OFFICIAL!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! LOOK AT YOU, YOU READER YOU!!! (I’d like to think I said something a little more articulate, but I think I was too excited to do that.)

RAYONIE: Should I take a picture with both of the books?

ME (trying to play it cool and not FREAK OUT that she just initiated the photo herself): Sure!!! That would be fantastic!!!

Here is Rayonie on the 10th book-completion celebration:

 rayonie after

ME:  “Guys, I have a huge announcement. Rayonie finished not one but two books this weekend!! Isn’t that awesome? Let’s all give her a huge round of applause!!

READING LAB-ERS: (Elated cheering, clapping, and Woo hoo-ing!) 

Here is a picture of the 1999 Women’s World Cup Soccer Team the moment they won the World Cup.

 womens world cup

Yeah. favicon

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