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Check out what students are reading over Thanksgiving break

favicon My experience says that independent reading programs don’t work well unless students approach what researchers call “voluminous reading.” There’s simply not enough time in school for students to complete the 10, 20, perhaps 40 books a year necessary to transform into avid readers.

That’s why a core tenet of the Kindle Classroom Project is to let students take their Kindles home and to request books whenever they like. The KCP believes that young people should be able to read what they like, wherever and whenever they like.

This Thanksgiving break, it’s clear that students are taking advantage of this 24/7 access to reading. The book requests are streaming in, and it’s an honor to fulfill them. Here’s a taste of what students are reading this long weekend.

– Ninth grader Ricardo (Oakland, CA) is reading Library of Souls, by Ransom Riggs.


– Eleventh grader Carlos (Oakland, CA) is reading It Calls You Back, by Luis Rodriguez.


– Tenth grader Paulina (Oakland, CA) is reading Bronxwood, by Coe Booth.


– Twelfth grader Monica (Oakland, CA) is reading We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart.


I wish Ricardo, Carlos, Paulina, Monica, and all 900 KCP students a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend of reading and relaxation. Thank you also to the generous supporters who have helped the program grow by leaps and bounds in 2016. favicon

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The Kindle Library reaches 450 titles

favicon One powerful part of the Kindle Classroom Project is that it breaks down barriers to reading. If a student wants to read a book, he or she can request it, and because of generous donors, I buy it.

I’m happy to announce that today, the Kindle Library reached 450 titles.

Every day, the Kindle Library grows because students are reading. It’s very exciting. Here are a few of the latest books students have requested and received:

The Cartel 3The Cartel 3
By Ashley Antoinette and JaQuavis Coleman

Requested by Vanessa, Kathleen’s class, San Francisco

“I want to keep reading The Cartel books until there are no more sequels!! I LOVE THE BOOKS!!!”



Dark AllianceDark Alliance
By Gary Webb

Requested by Nicholas, Kathleen’s class, San Francisco

“I want to read this book because it revolves around the CIA and its involvement in drug syndicates. This topic has always been of interest to me. I also am looking for books that pose more of a challenge and have a higher Lexile level, and this seems like the perfect book to fill that requirement.”

Memoirs of a GeishaMemoirs of a Geisha
By Arthur Golden

Requested by Alasia, Kathleen’s classroom, SF

“I really want to read this book. I saw the cover of it a lot growing up, and I really want to read it now. What sparked my interest was yesterday I was walking by a book store, and I saw the book on sale, but I didn’t have cash. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back there or not and if the book will still be there. I was hoping I could get it for my Kindle since I just got one from my school.”

If you’d like to help students request books they want to read, please consider donating an Amazon gift card. The easiest way is to visit the KCP Wishlist and to select among the $10, $40, or $100 denominations. For more ways to contribute, please visit the Contribute page. favicon

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A flurry of book requests

favicon The Kindle Classroom Project is flourishing. Here’s how I know:

– Kindles are streaming in (~1 a day, on average),
– Students are requesting tons of books.

It’s heartwarming. Students are reading, and they’re reading a lot, and as a result, they’re requesting books at a pace of around five a day.

The KCP Library is up to 406 titles. Here are a few books that students requested today:

Retribution of Mara Dyer   I Am Legend   After

The Retribution of Mara Dyer (requested by Elizabeth), I Am Legend (requested by Leo), and After (requested by Nandini) are all excellent choices. When students have choice, they choose well.

The best part about my promise — that if a student requests a book, I’ll honor that request — is that students spend more time reading. They churn through books, talk about them, and build a robust reading life.

As the KCP grows (~90 Kindles the past three months), the demand for books grows. It’s time to build the Kindle Library to 500 titles and to continue honoring students’ reading interests by providing them with high-quality titles.

Will you help? I’m piloting a cute new donation button. It’s quick and easy and fast and safe (using PayPal competitor Stripe). If you have a credit card, $10, and less than two minutes (it really is fast), please consider buying a book for a student. Here is the button!

[stripe name=”Kindle Classroom Project” description=”Help students love reading again.” amount=”1000″ payment_button_label=”I want to donate $10 to buy a book.” image_url=”http://www.iserotope.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/13-Stack-of-Kindles-e1421308500362.jpg” checkout_button_label=”Donate” enable_remember=”false”]
If you donated (or have already donated — there are many of you), thank you very much! I can’t wait to thank you more formally. If right now is not the right time, I too appreciate your interest in young people and enthusiasm for the KCP.

Update: Mary (Parkersburg, IA), a sustaining donor to the KCP, has contributed again! Thanks for getting this little book campaign started! And thanks, Kate (Oakland, CA) and Michele (San Francisco, CA), too! favicon

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DSW (Saratoga, CA) donates $2,000 to the Kindle Classroom Project. There is joy!

joyfavicon I woke up this morning to find an extremely large Amazon gift card in my email inbox, thanks to DSW (Saratoga, CA). Thank you, DSW!

DSW — not the shoe store! — is the Kindle Classroom Project‘s most generous and dedicated supporter. They have been following the program since the beginning and have been instrumental in its growth.

Really, let’s be real here: If it weren’t for DSW, the KCP would not be as strong and as successful as it is today. I am extremely appreciative.

DSW’s donation will guarantee that students will be able to request new books they want to read. It’s one of my promises to the students: If you want to read a book, I’ll buy it. Students fill out an online form, I receive it, I buy the book, and then I deliver the book directly to the student’s Kindle. Students have told me it feels like magic. What’s even better is that the book automatically becomes available to all 200 students participating in the KCP.

As we move into 2015, Kindles are streaming in (sometimes more than one a day), and I’m working to build relationships with new teachers in order to expand the program. That’s why DSW’s donation is so crucial. After all, I have tons of Kindles (thanks, donors!), and I have tons of interested teachers. Now I am certain that I’ll continue to have the books.

Thank you again, DSW! favicon